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City of Wooster Transportation

Wooster Transportation Assistance Program

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Wooster Transportation Assistance Program

Residents who live within Wooster City limits can apply for the Wooster Transportation Assistance Program. This is a subsidized program that helps qualifying residents receive essential transportation within the City of Wooster. The application process requires proof of eligibility. Once qualified, participants must obtain a photo ID (called a Program ID) at Community Action Wayne/Medina before using the program.

CAW/M is located at  905 Pittsburgh Ave. Wooster, OH 44692.  For questions call  330-264-8677  and ask to speak with the Transportation Coordinator.

Program Benefits

Wooster Taxi and Van Services

Participants in this program can purchase one-way passes at a reduced price to use with four different transportation agencies within Wooster. The intended use of this program is to provide transportation for work, medical care, grocery shopping, and other indispensable life needs.

One-way passes cost $2.00 and are available at CAW/M. You must have a Program ID to purchase passes. Below is a list of the available transportation providers and their phone numbers; this list can also be found on the back of every pass purchased.

City of Wooster Fixed Route

If you are enrolled in the City of Wooster Transportation Assistance program, you can ride the City of Wooster Fixed Route at no cost. Be ready to show your current Program ID when boarding the Fixed Route vehicle.