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Housing and Community Services

Senior Outreach Services

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Senior Outreach Services

Community Action Wayne/Medina is able to support area seniors with a wide range of concrete and case management support, including:

  • Home Visitation
  • Service Coordination
    • Connection to medical and social service supports
    • Transportation
    • Social engagement
    • Housing issues
  • General advocacy and support

Contact Heather Sipple, Senior Outreach Specialist, for more information: 


A significant number of seniors grapple with economic challenges, affecting one in three adults over 65. Governments at various levels have recognized this and have implemented programs to assist with housing, healthcare, transportation, and more. However, understanding and accessing these programs can be overwhelming for seniors and their families.

SeniorHousing.Net has developed a guide that outlines these government aid programs in a user-friendly format, making it a much smoother process for seniors to find the support they need.  You can access the guide here:  

Senior Outreach Contact
Please list any assistance or support needed