Wooster Transit

Wooster Transit

Passes for the Transit may be purchased at full price by the general public at CAW/M. The prices are $2 for a single ride, $5 for a day pass, and $50 for a monthly pass.

Qualifications: open to the public

There have been a few changes to the Wooster Transit Blue Route this year.

  1. The stop (# 17) at Wren’s Way/Brown’s Hollow has been moved to Marc’s. It is still at the same time- 30 minutes after the hour.
  2. The stop (#5) at ATI/OARDC is at Fisher Auditorium at the front of the building near the fountain sculpture. It is still at the same time- 12 minutes after the hour.
  3. The stop (#6) at Campus Drive is now at Campus Drive and Secrest Road. It is still at the same time- 13 minutes after the hour.
  4. The stop (#26) at Monterey and Highland is now at Norway Drive and Highland. It is still at the same time- 55 minutes after the hour.

New 2019 Wooster Transit Schedule