City of Wooster

City of Wooster

Residents may purchase subsidized transportation passes to travel inside the Wooster City limits. Applications for free required program IDs, as well as the reduced rate passes, are only available at CAW/M. Program IDs cost $1.00.  Pass Options available are:

  • $2 - One-way cab pass.
  • $2 - One-way WORK/EDUCATION passes. These can also be used to take children to or from childcare when the parent is going to or from work.
  • All Work rides outside of City limits will need to go through WCT Program through SARTA. Our WCT Program Page can be found here.
  • The Orange/White work passes will only cover 3rd shift (12 am – 6 am) and all shifts on Sundays. For all transportation outside of city limits, not during those times, will need to register for SARTA.
  • We will not be selling the Blue/Pink wheelchair passes anymore. If you need wheelchair transportation and live within city limits, you will need to sign up for SARTA.


Qualifications: total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, disabled, 62 or older, a Veteran or active military and must live and travel within Wooster City Limits.

Wooster Transit loop rides are free with Program ID. 

To apply for City of Wooster transportation - please fill out and submit the provided application, located below. One of our staff members will contact you after your submission. Thank you!