Economic Assistance

Economic Assistance

CAW/M is committed to providing programs for the unmet needs of our community. The programs available are based on the most recent Community Needs Assessment. Applications for all programs are available at all sites unless otherwise indicated.

Available Programs


    A free program for up to 15 participants that holds a 3 ½ hour class twice a week for 8 weeks. The program is designed to help people in financial hardship build a path to a better future. The program is part of the “Bridges Out of Poverty” change model that teaches the "hidden rules" that hinder people from bridging the gap between poverty, middle class, and wealth. The program is unique in its approach. It is not a classroom. It is more comparable to kitchen table talk. It is truly a judgment-free, bonding experience as the peer support enables the group to identify their challenges and set goals for their future.

    Participants earn “Bring Your A Game” Certification to improve employment opportunities and gain financial skills through money management training. Participants leave the program with the knowledge, skills, and resources to become capable of reaching their goals and how to deal directly and creatively with reality to solve problems that try to deter those goals. Incentives & meals are provided, as well as childcare if prearranged.

    Qualifications: Total household income at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines or 200% if there are children in the household and be a Wayne County resident.

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    Staff and volunteer counselors assist low-to-moderate income individuals with federal income tax filings each year.

    Total household income less than $95,000 (filing jointly), or less than $65,000 (filing single)

    Required Documents


    Provides households with a 3 day supply of food once a month. Holiday meal baskets are offered in November and December on a first come first serve basis. This is the only site that offers food.

    Qualifications: Total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.


    Provides a one-time car repair benefit of up to $750 on a first come first serve basis.

    Qualifications: total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Households with children MUST have a denial from the PRC program in order to qualify. May only receive the benefit once every 2 years. In addition to required documents, must also bring 2 quotes from established repair shops that accept purchase orders, proof of auto insurance and ownership. You will also be required to fill out the CSBG application which can be printed:
    CSBG application


    Provides households with flats of vegetables and flowers based on donations from local green houses. Program typically runs one week in June and is determined based on the donations.

    Qualifications: total household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines


    SafeLink is a free cell phone and minutes program for the income eligible. We provide information, brochures and applications to help eligible low-income families access free cell phone and cell phone services that will help them stay connected with current or potential employers, children and relatives, health care specialists, and vital emergency responders.

    Qualifications: Eligibility guidelines vary but in general individuals qualify with proof of receiving Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Home Energy Assistance Program, National Free School Lunch, Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance, or if you do not receive any of these public assistance programs, you may also qualify based on total household gross monthly income.  

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